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Mobilization 2/21
Writers Group- Roxanna, Friday Alexander, Jack Crawford, Aunt Dot, Alexander Hillian, Len Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Brown, Sanford Jackson, Mallard Merriman, John Shavers, Samantha Phillips, John Wesley

The Way I See It - By Jack Crawford 12-22-93

Let's take a moment to focus on the media... These people shape our reality. During the time that this country was expanding westward, the newspapers told the public that the brave soldiers of the US calvary were fighting glorious battles against vicious savages. The truth was quite different as you will see in a few recent efforts to portray reality: "Dances With Wolves", "Geronimo" (see both the movie and the TBS production). When you view these movies it is absolutely evident why the power structure has continually lied to us about history. There is no way they can tell the truth and maintain the fictional hero status Americans are taught to believe about those who "discovered", "founded" and "won" this land. Their forefathers were the real murdering savages. The Native people simply responded to his aggression by using whatever means necessary to stay alive. And no matter what the American promised, he never kept his word.

Similarly, most of us still don't generally know the truth about Iraq. Did Saddam invade Kuwait at the invitation of the US? Was the war an excuse to set up bases in the Middle East and protect US oil interests? Was the war between Iraq and Iran encouraged by the West as a means of siphoning off the petrodollars the Arabs had amassed? What were the friends of President Bush doing with the small bank in Atlanta that was illegally diverting billions of dollars in US Government-guaranteed agricultural loans to pay for weapons? Why were these people not prosecuted? Why does the press remain silent?

The press focuses on selling newspapers and commercial time. Thus, any story that gets your attention will attract reporters. A good example of this behavior at its worst is found in the movie "Hero." Here, the TV news creates a "hero" out of a bum who didn't deserve the status. He was simply a press creation. Similarly, the government uses the press to feed you with stories that will keep you thinking like their friendly silent majority.

Donald Trump, Princess Di - these are fillers to keep you occupied and away from asking the real questions. Who really cares if Clinton did or didn't do it with Ms. Flowers or Paula Jones? Where did all the S&L money go and why are the crooks still at large? We all should be asking why poor Michael Jackson is being humiliated, tried, convicted and hung before any real evidence is presented. I believe our enemies want to sacrifice him before he wakes up from Neverland and uses his millions to help African people. Others ask why Minister Farrakhan is always treated so badly. I heard him speak in New York (December 1993) where he clearly said that the Colin Ferguson, the man who killed those people on the train, was a sick and very disturbed man. However, I heard WCBS air a clip from his speech that made the Minister appear to be praising Mr. Ferguson. (This is the same thing that was done with his statements regarding Hitler.) Look at the way Day One slandered Dionne Warwick. I just heard an African minister testify that he told them how much Sister Warwick helped them and his information was ignored.

I know it's not necessary to say this but I'll say it anyway: Folks, please analyze what you see, hear and read. Please diversify your sources of news. Our enemies are alive and very active. Don't be an accessory to their wicked portrayals of African people by parroting their vicious lies.


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