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Mobilization 2/21
Writers Group- Roxanna, Friday Alexander, Jack Crawford, Aunt Dot, Alexander Hillian, Len Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Brown, Sanford Jackson, Mallard Merriman, John Shavers, John Wesley



The Way We See It

By Jack Crawford and Sanford Jackson


It Is Time to Pull the Alarm on the

AIDS-Prison-Illegal Drug- Genocide



When we first heard about AIDS the primary affected communities were gay males, IV drug users, some portion of the Haitian population and those who required blood transfusions like hemophiliacs and others. Today in the United States the fastest growing population with AIDS is the African-American heterosexual ages 20-44. Why is this trend occurring? What will be the effect on the population of African people in America in 20 years? Who is at fault? What can we do to arrest this trend?

These are questions that require careful analysis and deep, detailed study. We will only focus on one simple but very virulent vector in the spread of AIDS: THE PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. We have opined on the CIA-drug connection and the fact that the true beneficiaries of the drug trade are wealthy bankers who wash money, landowners who grow and export product, and Wall Street investors and businessfolk who profit from designing, building, supplying and managing prisons. We believe that African and Hispanic minorities are being used to keep this most evil industry in a high-growth mode. How is this being done? DRUGS!!

The facts:

Now, given the above, why would the government choose to incarcerate so many people for nonviolent drug offences, target minorities, refuse to seriously deal with the need for rehabilitation of drug-addicted people, build so many prisons and do next to nothing to really stop the flow of drugs into the country (if the US really felt that drugs threatened its interests the Marines would have visited Columbia and Bolivia a long time ago). I can only conclude that this is a long-term plan to eradicate black people. It's working in Africa and it's working here.

It's time to wake up and pull the alarm. We must decriminalize cocaine, heroin and especially marijuana. The health risks are miniscule in comparison to the legal drugs like cigarettes and alcohol. Illegal drugs kill 10-20,000 people annually plus the attendant misery of murder, war and family pain caused by prison, death and community disruption (theft, robbery, etc.). Cigarettes kill 400,000+ people annually in the US. Alcohol-related deaths in traffic accidents kill 50,000 people each year. So who are the criminals?

If we decriminalize these drugs we can close the prisons, put the drug traffickers out of business and stop this trend toward genocide.

If we don't do something African people in America will be history in 25-30 years. The most evil Nazis couldn't have come up with a better idea. I don't necessarily think the long-term planners saw this coming. However, as unintended consequences often come about it doesn't appear anyone is trying to change that which is inevitable if the current trends continue.

If we thought about today's reality thirty years ago no one would have seen it. We would never have expected as many as 50% of our young men being in prison or under some level of supervision from the justice system ... it happened. And slowly but surely the problem is getting even worse. We can't sit by and wait. Remember the frog. If you throw him in a pot of hot water he will jump out. But if you put him in cold water and put a slow fire under the pot, the frog will just sit there and boil. Our enemies know about this analogy. We should learn from our little green friends.


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