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A Father's Wish

My Precious Children,

I wish you warm sunny days, cool breezes and pleasant surroundings.

I wish you fine meals, cool drink and stimulating conversations.

I wish you all the joys and blessings of love without conditions from many wonderful friends and relationships.

I wish you wisdom and foresight to make the most of your many talents.

I wish you many children to love and teach about the wonders of our ancestors and the promise of our future.

May Almighty God keep you whole and guide you in the ways of righteousness.

May you always love and respect yourself and your fellow human beings.

May you always pay proper respect to our people, our traditions and our ancestors.

I wish you the sharpness of mind to persevere and see opportunities when adversity seems overwhelming.

May you always know that I love you simply because you are. I love you as my father loves me and you, totally, without conditions.

I wish you all the love, peace and happiness that life has to offer, always.



Written by Leonard P. Hubbard sitting on the edge of the River Niger October 31, 1993

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