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Mobilization 2/21
Writers Group- Roxanna, Friday Alexander, Jack Crawford, Aunt Dot, Alexander Hillian, Len Hubbard, Andrew Jackson Brown, Sanford Jackson, Mallard Merriman, John Shavers, Samantha Phillips, John Wesley

The Way I See It - By Jack Crawford

We really need to commend Congresswoman Maxine Waters for her perseverance as she led the fight to ensure this round of exposure of the CIA and drugs for us didnít fall on deaf ears, again. Most of you are aware of the long-standing charges that the CIA assisted the drug trade during Vietnam. They transported Golden Triangle heroine via AirAmerica to Saigon which was brought into the country in the stomachs of dead soldiers. Most of this poison was sold on the streets of American ghettos back in the late-60ís /early-70s.

While some of you naively ask why would the government partake in such a trade, most of us believe we were just being used by some greedy bastards who wanted to make a buck at the expense of powerless people. As usual, I say "letís examine HISTORY!" Remember, we were unifying and gaining political strength. Drugs put a swift end to this trend. Unity quickly turned to division and mistrust.

When the American invader wanted to render the Native people helpless what did he do? He sold them alcohol. As a people who never had resistance that drug in their gene pool, they were easily hooked. This resulted in strong, determined warriors becoming weak, helpless wards of the conquerorís reservations. Donít stop there. How did we get here? Many of us were "sold" or traded for watered-down kegs of rum. I know we donít like hearing that but itís true. When they discuss triangular trade in history they are really talking about slaves making sugar cane in the West Indies (some of which was converted to rum) and using a small portion of the production to purchase more slaves in Africa. The other sides of this "triangle" which was really a quadrilateral since England and the American Colonies were also involved was where the profits went (they owned the companies that owned the plantations and the slave ships).

Some of you may be surprised to know that the so-called "opium wars" of the 1830s were fought to ensure that the British would not be prevented from selling opium to the Chinese. Imagine if Columbia sent warships to LA harbor and blew up the coast to make the LA police stop fighting cocaine trafficking. Ridiculous? Of course. But the Brits not only forced their will on the Chinese but also made them pay the cost of the war back to the British treasury! Insane? Yes! Americans benefited too. Some of the wealthiest families in the New England with names all over streets and buildings got their starts in the opium trade in China back then.

So donít be surprised that we are being targeted again. Remember when Ollie North spoke about the "neat idea" referring to the Iran arms sales? From their point of view, wouldnít it be a neat idea to exacerbate the miserable conditions resulting from Reagan policies causing unemployment for inner-city blacks by giving us a drug selling alternative to starvation? Furthermore, give us guns with which to fight and kill each other to stake out territories. Then build prisons to house us for dealing the drugs. Remember, 70+% of our people under the supervision of the "just-us" system are there for something drug related. Also remember that many of the same people supported by military spending when the "cold war" was hot are now constructing prisons. Throughout history, these bloodsuckers and their dastardly ancestors have benefited from the suffering of others: drugs, war, slavery, murder... What does our suffering matter as long as the rich stay rich?

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